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2022 Rome Action Plan on Paediatric HIV & TB

ANRS |Emerging Infectious Diseases


The French Research Agency on HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STI, TB and Emerging Infectious Diseases commits to:

17. Support greater inclusion of pregnant and breastfeeding women and contribute to a more equitable investigation of new HIV agents in clinical research studies in accordance to the Call to Action.

18. Support prevention and ARVs research in pregnancy (address insurance issues).

19. Facilitate development of clinical research on broadly neutralizing antibodies for neonates and pregnant women.

20. Continue to support and facilitate generating, analysing, sharing data on pregnancy, birth, and infant safety outcomes issued from the ANRS-MIE promoted clinical research studies.

21. Support data sharing in the international network under WHO umbrella through a platform to strengthen active surveillance of safety of HIV agents in pregnancy, building harmonization and linkages between surveillance networks;

22. Continue to support involvement of the civil society in research activities and scientific board.

WHO and Research networks commit to:

61. Working together to collaboratively develop standards to strengthen systematic population data collection, registries, and master protocols to promote alignment and harmonization of studies in pregnant women across studies within the work of the WHO HIV, Hepatitis and STIs Pregnancy

and Breastfeeding Therapeutics Working Group (HHS PTWG) .

62. Ensure appropriate consultation and engagement of community members and communitybased organizations through the research cycle for new therapeutics.



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