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2022 Rome Action Plan on Paediatric HIV & TB



Aurum Institute on behalf of the IMPAACT4TB consortium commits to:

363. Generating evidence for 3HP implementation across different populations and service delivery methods to ensure scale up is ongoing by 2024

i. DOLPHIN TOO investigating 3HP initiation in ART naïve PLHIV

ii. TBTC Study 35 to inform dosing of 3HP in children under 2 years old (in collaboration with

Desmond Tutu Centre for TB and CDC)

iii. CHIP-TB investigating 3HP (TPT) for child contacts in Ethiopia and South Africa

iv. Choice Architecture Study investigating an opt-out strategy to increase TPT uptake within ART clinics

364. Generate further evidence to support adoption of short rifapentine based TB preventive treatment regimens in overlooked populations including paediatrics and pregnant women by adopting a family-centred approach to TPT.

i. Dolphin Kids (evaluating 3HP with DTG based ART)

ii. Dolphin Moms (evaluating 3HP & 1HP in pregnant people with HIV)

iii. One to Three Trial comparing 1HP to 3HP among PLHIV and HHCs

iv. RPT Crush Study (maybe) – considering Crush to add to options for children as a backup plan if paediatric formulation is not available in time

365. Donation of 300mg singles of rifapentine for use in underserved populations for TPT e.g., household contacts, healthcare workers.

366. Improving contact tracing strategies and linkage to care: countries asking for tests of infection to possibly improve TPT uptake

367. Paediatric formulation – generic manufacturer expected filing in 1st half of 2023, demonstration study in one or two countries to evaluate palatability and acceptance of the formulation. This will likely be in HIV negative children as we will not have evidence for HIV positive children on DTG based ART.



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