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2022 Rome Action Plan on Paediatric HIV & TB



All partners commit to: 


163. Address inequities by tackling the stigma and discrimination in communities, schools, and healthcare settings that prevent children living with HIV from accessing testing and treatment. 

164. Increase literacy about CD4 testing and viral load and promote a client-centred approach to support expansion of access to viral load for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children on treatment, including at the point-of-care. 

165. Review and assess emerging co-infections for immunocompromised infants and children, including those with advanced HIV disease, such as severe bacterial infections, fungal infections, and others for country consideration and implementation.

166. Engage affected communities for input and guidance on investment and programmatic priorities, provide support to in-country civil society organizations to engage in advocacy and demand creation for new tools, and ensure data is publicly available to support communities and civil society to monitor progress regarding uptake and implementation of essential diagnostic tools.

144. June 2023: As of June 2023, FIND is supporting the development of EDLs in Kenya, Malawi, the Gambia, Ethiopia and Viet Nam. FIND is in discussions with ASLM to start work in Burkina Faso and Cameroun. All EDLs so far include HIV and TB POC testing.

145. June 2023: Continued DNO support to MoH Zambia for priority populations including children. Project kick-off meeting organized in Feb 2023 with impact assessment expected in Sept 2023.

166. June 2023: FIND supported a group of 21 COVID-19 test & treat advocacy, civil society, and community partners across 19 LMICs to engage in advocacy and community engagement efforts during the pandemic. FIND will continue to engage this group more broadly to raise the profile of diagnostics including for other infectious diseases.  


FIND commits to:

167. Support the development and assessment of child-friendly samples for TB and promising new TB diagnostics to support decentralised testing and case finding in children and families. 

168. Support data generation to enable regulatory assessments, national and global policy review for novel diagnostics for TB infection.


168. Generate child-specific data to support the expansion of use cases for TB diagnostics. 


167. June 2023: FIND is studying the development and assessment of the use of computer aided detection (CAD) for the interpretation of pediatric chest X-rays.

168. June 2023: We are supporting tools being trialed for pediatrics through FEND-peds. Additionally, we support data generation and assessment of the use of computer aided detection (CAD) in children through the CAPTURE project (Catalyzing Artificial intelligence for Pediatric Tuberculosis Research).

169. June 2023: Generating relevant data thorough FEND peds and the CAPTURE project. Via the CAPTURE project we are generating child specific data to support the expansion of the use-case of computer aided detection (CAD) software for the interpretation of CXRs, currently recommended for adults, to also support children.

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