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2022 Rome Action Plan on Paediatric HIV & TB



Janssen commits to:

236. Provision of Janssen DRV PK model data to CHAI and PENTA to support registration of Gx DRV/r 120mg/20mg optimal paediatric fixed dose combination.

237. Enhance collaboration and facilitate knowledge-sharing to promote development of new technologies to enhance effectiveness and acceptability of paediatric medicines, including longacting injectables for infants, children, and adolescents (Rilpivirine).

238. In collaboration with EGPAF and other key partners, the New Horizons Advancing Paediatric HIV Care Collaborative (NHC) will provide support to its participating countries with health systems strengthening and access to Darunavir (DRV) & Etravirine (ETR) through donations (from Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Products LP).

i. New patient enrolments will continue through till Q4 2025 with donation until 24yrs of age or switch to other drug formulations.

ii. Johnson & Johnson and the NHC team commits to seek additional stakeholders to support the expansion of these NHC critical initiatives.


239. Ensure availability of DRV paediatric formulations (75mg; 150mg) in LMIC countries until DRV/r 120/20mg (fixed dose combination) FDC product is available.



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