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2022 Rome Action Plan on Paediatric HIV & TB

South Africa


524. Updating the national TB guidelines on the management of TB in children and adolescents in line with the most recent WHO guidance.


525. Improving access to TB diagnostics (mWRDs including Urine LAM and CXR) in particular for children living with HIV as well as treatment decision algorithms to support a clinical diagnosis in children.

526. Promote the use of stool on Expert MTB/RIF or Xpert Ultra.

527. Enhancing reporting and recording on TB by age groups as well as their analysis and use.

528. Establishing a national TB and pregnancy register as many women with MDR-TB are of reproductive age.

529. With support from SAPHRA, promoting the use of shorter TB regimens in children and adolescents and scale up access to child-friendly formulations of second line drugs to treat RR-/MDR-TB.

530. Scale up contact investigation and provision of TPT



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