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Action 37
Take responsibility for monitoring implementation of the Action Plan and holding actors to account, including monthly calls of principals, tracking progress towards milestones, and regularly communicating with participants about progress on their commitments and overall implementation of the Plan.
Committed by:
Co-Chairs of the AIDS Free Working Group of the Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free framework
Sub-Actions & Milestones
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December 2017 Update

January 2018 Update

March 2018 Update




Milestone 37.2.1


For regular updates see updates section in the website.


First webinar took place on 24 April 15:00-16:30 CET

Second webinar scheduled to take place 17 October 14:30-15:30 CET.

Regular calls of the AIDS Free working Group partners helped to advance the Action Plan and review progress.

Sub-action completed

Sub-action 37.1

Monitoring implementation of the Action Plan and holding actors to account


Chairs of the AIDS free working group regularly update all stakeholders about the implementation of the action plan via email.

For updated information on communication please view update section of the website.

Milestone 37.1.1

Establish a small project management (PM) team, co-led by WHO and EGPAF and including representatives from PEPFAR and the faith-based community to support the AIDS Free co-chairs to ensure systematic follow-up and communication on the Action Plan.

  • The PM team actively tracks progress on all commitments, engage in bilateral conversations as needed, and communicates consistently with Rome Dialogue participants.

  • The PM team provides updates during the AIDS Free Working Group’s monthly meetings, a summary of which is circulated to the broader group of stakeholders.

  • The PM team welcomes updates on steps taken to meet the Action Plan commitments or news on related developments by all stakeholders.


Project management team, active since December 2017 (WHO, EGPAF, PEPFAR, WCC-EAA).

 Project management team regularly reaches to stakeholders to gain updates and promote progress on the commitments.

Sub-action completed




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