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Action 40
Continue to refine the Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations concept as a key component of the AIDS Free work stream, including by establishing leadership, roles and responsibilities, and a financing mechanism.
Committed by:
Co-Chairs of the AIDS Free Working Group of the Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free framework
Sub-Actions & Milestones




Milestone 40.1.1


Plan ongoing


Sub-action 40.1

Refine GAP-f concept as part of the AIDSFree


GAP-f was launched at AIDS2018; and the concept for GAP-f was laid out in an article in the Lancet, “Catalysing the development and introduction of paediatric drug formulations for children living with HIV: a new global collaborative framework for action partners.” GAP-f partners are finalizing a new business plan that will be released by December 2018.


A website is being established to facilitate the sharing of resources on pediatric formulation research, development, and introduction:

GAPf progress share with stakeholders and updates timely provided on the website

Detailed Progress update of GAP-f is available in Library section (January 2018)

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