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2022 Rome Action Plan on Paediatric HIV & TB



508. Optimize Diagnostic Networks through digitization.

509. Initiating and scaling up stool examination for tuberculosis detection.

510. Supporting current efforts to introduce from outright instrument procurement to all-inclusive bundles, or other novel pricing model for both centralised and point-of-care platforms to address issues around stock-outs, sample back-log, high cost per test and long turn-around time.

511. Introducing a national Essential Diagnostics List that includes HIV and TB diagnostics, particularly

point-of-care infant diagnosis and LF-LAM in decentralized non-laboratory settings.

Programme Implementation

512. Enhanced integration of Reproductive and Child health and Nutrition services with TB/HIV services to improve coverage of maternal and paediatric TB/HIV

513. Supporting MTCT, viral suppression and retention in treatment and care (of pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as HIV-positive infants and children) through consistent provision of viral load testing and consideration for point-of-care viral load for prioritized populations (ie. infants and children, pregnant and breastfeeding women).

514. Pre and post services Continuous Medical Education Program on Paediatric TB/HIV twice in a year for clinicians to improve on knowledge.


515. Support and improve on the sample transportation through the enhanced DNO. At the moment POC is at 5%. Ghana commits to 50% by 2025


516. Expand the use of e-learning Platforms to rapidly scale-up the building capacity of service providers in innovative HIV/TB health care delivery services

Data Capture and Transfer

517. Developing more accurate, transparent, and consolidated forecasts (through data collection and public reporting on diagnostics uptake and implementation) to support manufacturing, improve supply chain management, and reagent availability as well as to support national, regional or global pooled procurement and related activities and to track progress.



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