Action 5. Focus research efforts on optimal drugs and formulations as defined by PADO.

Action 19. Undertake studies that use weight-based dosing, enroll all paediatric weight-band groups concurrently irrespective of age, and maximize opportunities to accelerate enrollment of subjects.


26. DNDi, ICAP, and EGPAF commit to collaborate on product uptake for solid oral dosage forms of
LPV/r (2-in-1’s and 4-in-1), including:

  • Development of healthcare workers’ training tools based on implementation research data generated by DNDi; and

  • Acceleration of product uptake in selected countries with engagement of all stakeholders including MOH, civil society, FBOs, and communities of people living with HIV, and to share the training toolkit and experience by disseminating information globally.

Commitment 26: ICAP in collaboration with CDC is developing training materials for pellet and granule administration. Developed materials for program managers on granules in collaboration with MylanEGPAF is reviewing materials and providing feedback. ICAP and CDC are finalizing training cards for LPVr solid formulations.

DNDi/ICAP/EVA/EGAPF collaboration to strengthen uptake of solid Lpv/r formulations expected to begin November 1 2019.