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Action 10: Promote the revision of national procurement plans to align with WHO recommended regimens and the Optimal Formulary, and support the provision of reliable forecasts and the consolidation of orders.

Action 22: Support the early adoption of priority formulations and diagnostics and take steps to facilitate their wider roll-out, including by developing introductory guidance, materials, and other tools for health facilities.

Action 27. Mobilize their networks and work with communities to help build treatment literacy, generate demand, and expand access to ARVs among children.

Action 28. Raising awareness in global fora about the unmet diagnostic and treatment needs of children with HIV.

Action 29. Promote uptake by mobilizing their networks of hospitals and community structures to distribute paediatric medicines in hard to reach places and in situations of conflict and crisis.

Action 34. Increase efforts to share information on the roll-out of new paediatric formulations, including lessons learned.



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