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38. Support and participate in national efforts to improve and integrate the use and impact of pediatric diagnostics for TB and HIV and develop national strategies to optimize the use of new technologies and interventions. 


April 2020

Paediatric Diagnostic and Case finding

  1. Site based coaching and mentoring  on the Clinical Diagnostic Algorithm for TB in children for clinical teams

  2. Rolled Urine TB LAM for all HIV positive children and TB symptomatic children

  3. On site Gene Xpert testing  for older children who can provide sputum

  4. Provider initiated Active TB screening for Tuberculosis and HIV for all admitted children, monitored using QI approaches.

  5. Contact tracing for under 5 children of all Pulmonary Bacteriologically confirmed and clinical cases.

  6. Using a voucher system we are providing access to POC Ultra Sound Scanning  and Fine Needle Aspirates for Extra pulmonary TB  and Digital Xray services for children

  7. Integrated TB and Covid Screening in that every person testing negative for Covid 19 is assessed for TB using the TB ICF guide


Paeds TB/HIV collaborative approaches 

  1. Aligning TPT/ART/TB dispensing

  2. The community based health care arm of the hospital is now engaging the faith leaders to integrate Covid 19, TB and HIV sensitization messages to the congregation. 


71. Equip, mobilize, and support faith leaders, FBOs, people in places of worship, and the wider community to create awareness of the importance of HIV testing of infants and children of people living with HIV. Demand that national school curricula include scientifically appropriate information on HIV prevention, testing and treatment. 


72. Combat stigma and discrimination among faith leaders and within communities of faith around HIV prevention, testing and treatment. Create demand for client-centered and stigma-free care within health facilities as well as access to community-based treatment. 


73. Further collaborate and coordinate community mobilization, education and outreach to find otherwise hard-to-reach children, adolescents, youth and adults for age appropriate prevention education, testing, and linkage to and continuity of treatment, health, psycho-social and spiritual support services and integrate into the national system. 


April 2021

Mengo Hospital is in talks with its partners to:

  • provide POC EID for all HIV exposed children

  • roll out HIV self-testing for children to increase case detection in “well” children

Optimized all eligible children to DTG based regimens and mentored staff to identify children needing optimization


119. Advocate for and support Ministries of Health to rapidly transition to optimal paediatric formulations as outlined by the latest WHO guidelines, provide coordinated support for the development and implementation of transition plans, inform clinicians and patients of the value of transitioning to new formulations, and ensure communication of reliable information on the availability of new formulations in-country.


120. Support the scale up of access to priority formulations and diagnostics and take steps to facilitate their wider roll-out, including by performing operational research, developing introductory guidance and education, materials, and other tools for health facilities and local community health structures.


121. Promote the revision of national procurement plans to align with WHO recommended regimens and the EML-C, and support the provision of reliable forecasts and the consolidation of orders.


122. Mobilize their networks and work with communities to help build treatment literacy, generate demand, and expand access to TB diagnosis and treatment among children in close collaboration with other stakeholders.


123. Raise awareness in local, national, and global fora about the unmet diagnostic and treatment and prevention needs of children with or at risk for TB.


124. Foster and more actively participate in coordinated and collaborative advocacy to:

  • Increase funding for TB research & development, introduction and scale-up of priority paediatric drugs and formulations; 

  • Accelerate regulatory processes for rapid adoption and uptake of optimal paediatric TB drugs and formulations; and

  • Ensure sustainable access to optimal TB testing and treatment for infants and children.


125. Tackle the TB stigma and discrimination in communities, schools, and healthcare settings that prevent children and adolescents living with TB or at risk of TB from accessing testing and treatment, including promotion of awareness of the difference between infection and disease  and include messages of hope regarding treatment of both HIV and TB.


126. Promote uptake by mobilizing their networks of hospitals and community structures to distribute paediatric medicines in hard to reach places and in situations of conflict and crisis.


127. Support and increase TB treatment initiation and retention for children, adolescents, and families by:

  • Identifying all TB-exposed children and connecting them to treatment and preventive TB treatment through FBO clinics and within communities of faith; 

  • Reducing TB stigma and discrimination through mobilization and evidence-based education and training of faith leaders and faith communities


April 2021​​

  1. Ensuring that paediatric TB medicines supplied are Fixed dose and dispersible 

  2. We have Integrated TB medicines into the Community Drug distribution points and in the Community Client Led Anti Retroviral Drug distribution programs.

  3. We have ensured continuity of TB/HIV services during Covid 19 by:

  4. Implementing the Multiple Months Drug (MMD)distribution strategies 

  5. Digital adherence support for both TB and ARVs using phones and whatsup 

  6. Created a private – private partnership with the Motorcycle driver industry- called Safe Boda to deliver TB and ARV medicines to clients who are hard to reach.

  7. We are providing TPT to under 5 contacts of PBC and PCD clients.

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