1. Ensure priority formulations are appropriately communicated to suppliers, including in regular meetings with suppliers, GDF tenders, and at GDF’s supplier meetings.

2. Include priority formulations in the TB Medicines Dashboard.

3. Identify and implement mechanisms to derisk suppliers who invest in development of child-friendly formulations.

Continuously monitor and project demand for pediatric formulations to identify when the market would benefit from additional suppliers.

72. Lead the external review of the Global Fund’s Expert Review Panel Expression of Interest (GF ERP EOI) through TPMAT and suggest prioritization of formulations for expedited review.

73. Monitor the development pipeline and work with the Global Fund to expedite access to new formulations and medicines.

74. Develop a strategy/roadmap for countries on TB paediatric drug registration that is linked to procurements and procurement goals.

105. Lead the TB Procurement and Market-Shaping Action Team (TPMAT) to coordinate global TB stakeholders and develop implementation roadmaps for new formulations.

106. Work to build, stabilize and maintain access to small-volume products including child-friendly formulations for drug-resistant TB.

107. Continue to use the Launchpad Approach to support the introduction and scale-up of paediatric formulations in programmes.