116. Continue to support countries to prioritize the identification, diagnosis, and scale-up of TB preventive treatment, including children living with HIV, including via the Union Sub Saharan Africa Centre of Excellence for Child and Adolescent TB as well as in countries where we are working with National TB programmes.

117. Support the scale-up of access to priority formulations and diagnostics and to take steps to facilitate their wider roll-out including by performing operational research via The Union’s Centre of Operational research, and ensuring The Union’s existing paediatric publications and training tools are up to date and disseminated widely in a number of languages to promote the highest standard of care for all children with or at risk of TB.

118. Advocate for the rights of all children, including those living with HIV, to receive TB care and treatment and promote a human-rights based approach to TB; to urge governments to ensure that all children have access to the latest formulations and models of care for TB prevention and care; and to work together to reduce stigma and discrimination that stops children from accessing care that they need.


Commitment 16:

April 2021

  • Held a Sub Saharan Africa Centre of Excellence for Child and Adolescent TB webinar on “Optimizing diagnosis of TB in children: Balancing clinical and laboratory-based methods to close the detection gap.” Attended by representatives from 8 sub Saharan African countries.

Commitment 17:

June 2021

  • Working with EGPAF and Unitaid developed the "Child and adolescent TB training course for healthcare workers."


Commitment 18:

April 2021