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Continue to host the Paediatric ARV Drug Optimization (PADO) process and update the list of priority products with a view to providing a consistent, clear, and harmonized set of products that will be communicated to industry and regulators in a timely manner, and ensure inclusion of PADO priority products in the WHO Expression of Interest list as soon as dosing is provided.

Update treatment guidelines in a timely manner to ensure that more effective drugs are recommended for children as soon as pharmacokinetic (PK) and safety data is available.

Continue to use the Paediatric ARV Working Group (PAWG) mechanism to provide recommendations on optimal dosing and ratios for formulation development.

In collaboration with other partners, continue to revise the Optimal ARV Formulary and ensure its inclusion in Essential Medicine List.

Focus research efforts on optimal drugs and formulations as defined by PADO.

Prioritize PADO products in research and development plans.

Prioritize the review of Pediatric Study Plans (PSPs) and Paediatric Investigation Plans (PIPs) for paediatric ARVs on the list of PADO priority products over lower priority drugs.

Support and fund clinical and implementation research to inform development and approval as well as use of paediatric formulations included in the PADO list.

Only fund the procurement of drugs and formulations recommended by WHO that are included in the Optimal Formulary5.

Promote the revision of national procurement plans to align with WHO recommended regimens and the Optimal Formulary, and support the provision of reliable forecasts and the consolidation of orders.

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